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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let the Children Give

Imagine a Christmas where children were observers only, not allowed to wish, to sing, to care, or to give. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

How would the children grow in their capacity to wonder and believe?
How would they learn to sing with the angels and praise God in all things great and small?
How would they experience the joy of giving a gift that truly touches another?

Christmas, with all its preparations and gift giving, helps us introduce the children to a lifestyle of rejoicing, of trust in God, of personal and global responsibility. Delia Halverson, in her new book, Let the Children Give: Time, Talents, Love and Money, says, “We do not grow spiritually without giving, not just monetary giving but giving of all of our gifts.”

The tradition of gift giving has been associated with Christmas because the birth of Jesus reveals God as the greatest giver of gifts ever.

Reaching out to those in need, adopting a family and giving them gifts, filling a shoe box with presents for a child half way around the world, these are excellent learning experiences for children. Children learn quickly.

We give because God gives us life and love in Jesus Christ. Giving as God gives -- freely, thoughtfully, and with love -- is a Christmas blessing for children and everyone.