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Thursday, August 28, 2008

August & September BIG Events

The Big News this month is about Awards Sunday, Aug 24th. What fun. Over 30 children came to church services to receive certificates of participation and a small gift from the church. In spite of it being a golf tournament weekend, church attendance was great. And after church in Humeston we introduced the new games – Wii Sports, Dance Praise and 4 Square. We showed off our new video site and turned the kids loose to digitally record the day’s fun on the video camera. Check out their work at

Awards Sunday was the first time I ever remember a dinner after church keeping the kids involved and excited until 2:00 pm. Pray that we are able to roll that energy into a thriving TUF Team after school program. Are we witnessing a resurgence of interest in the things of the Lord among the children? Oh I hope so. What profit it would be to God’s Kingdom in this needful world if we could raise up a whole generation of young, enthusiastic believers.

Next month, of course, we look forward to Sept 27th and the LeRoy Harvest Festival. You gotta be there for the parade, the outdoor games, the auction, the dinner and much more. I love the auction, especially when Steve is able to get a husband and wife bidding against each other or two hungry young men raising the stakes to $75 or more on a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls. There will be the customary quilt raffle also. I have no clue what the pattern is, but it is really quite beautiful – lavender with some light yellow – a bright and cheerful addition to any bedroom. Get your tickets anytime from now on or on the 27th. A huge portion of the LeRoy church’s budget is funded by the Harvest Festival. Please come and have fun. And please come prepared to be very generous to the ministry of the church and support its continued presence in the community.

You will also be interested to know that Pastor Dale will be preaching a 10-week series on The Book of Revelation beginning Sept 14th. We will be record these sermons to be posted on our church video site noted above. He says that the book of Revelation is God’s Love Letter to the struggling churches. Come and feel the love.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

# 31 - Prayer as a Child

Here is a sample. Pray it simply.
“Jesus, keep me all this day, when at school and when at play;
May I do all things I ought, may I hate each evil thought;
Help me love and trust in Thee, now and through eternity. Amen.”

Thursday, August 14, 2008

# 30 - Serenity Prayer

Lord Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference.

This simple prayer has led to many changed lives. It will minister to you.
Pray it. Reflect on each part. Pray it again. And find peace.

# 29 - Mitzvot

This is third of three great Jewish "Sacred Times" prayers I want to introduce you to. It is a prayer expressing fulfillment and satisfaction. Here are the words: "Blessed is our Eternal God, Ruler of the Universe, who blesses us with mitzvoth (good works) and has commanded us to kindle the lights of Sabbath." When saying this prayer, candles are lighted. Mitzvot means good deeds, spiritual gifts and graces, good works, divinely commanded acts. It is a prayer that emphasizes the importance of "doing all the good you can" in your daily life. It reminds me of a relaxing evening at church camp, sitting with fellow laborers at the end of a good week of work, and thanking God together for that "well-done-good-and-faithful-servant" feeling.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

# 28 - Kiddush

This is the second of three great Jewish “Sacred Time” prayers I want to introduce you to. In the Jewish social and religious tradition, the time of gathering prior to meal time is also a Sacred Time. It is a time of celebration, joy, and “lifting the cup.” During this time a long prayer of blessing and thanksgiving to God is spoken by the head of the household. This prayer is called the Kiddush, and always ends with these words of blessing: “Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, who creates the fruit of the vine.” To the Jews, and in this prayer, the fruit of the vine represents the Joy of being God’s chosen people, the formation of Israel (Abraham) and the celebration of Deliverance (Moses). To the Christian it reminds further of the Chalice, and Christ’s blood shed for our salvation. Holy Joy!

Power Lab

The kids were just learning an old song with a new tune, Amazing Grace. We used our dvd player with the dvd that came with our kit this year. It was like having karaoke every night. The kids really enjoyed it and caught on quick.