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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Identity          Hey! It’s a new year and I have a question.  Do you have a better handle on who you are and where your life is headed than you did at this time last year? 
Maybe that’s not important to you, and that’s ok, but if that question finds you pondering then here are some suggestions.
First, look to God for answers.  Because it is God who made both you and the ultimate destination toward which your life is headed.
Second, subdue your passions.  Because the power of raging wants and desires, loves and hates, regrets and sorrows can re-route your heart to pursue a false heading.
Third, be discerning of friend’s advice, even good friends.  Because while friends can indeed be good counsel, they nevertheless view the questions you ponder from the point of view of their own heading.
Fourth, watch out for that long black train. Because the ways of the Devil are subtle, capable of subverting your best efforts and intentions.
Finally, take Jesus as your daily guide and friend.  Cling to the Father and his holy name. Because there truly is Victory in the Lord.

Affirmation               Here’s a basic affirmation package that might help, when you have time.
God made me.  Psalm 139
The Lord is my shepherd.  Psalm 23
God forgives, heals, redeems me.  Psalm 103
God’s Word became flesh. John 1  

God loves and saved me.  John 3