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Monday, April 27, 2009

# 56 - Praying the Psalms

Psalm Prayer is always an answer prayer, a response if you will, to God in our face, to God's revelation. The Psalms present a true picture of ourselves either hedging on our behavior and feelings or pleading to have them satisfied. The Psalms also present a true picture of God – as He is, not as we wish he was. The truth is, “when left to ourselves, we will pray to some easy god who speaks what we like hearing, or to that part of God we manage to understand and enjoy.” But Psalm Prayer is listening to the God who speaks hard words to us in the verses of the Psalms, and then responding prayerfully to everything He reveals to us. The Psalms train us in that conversation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Ripples

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m reflecting on the rich blessings from God enjoyed by our parish beginning on Palm Sunday and continuing through Easter.

Palm Sunday morning began with breakfast at the LeRoy church followed by the children reading the Easter story and leading the Palm Parade. At Humeston, another Palm Parade. The choir offered both a seasonal anthem and a beautiful baptismal prayer, 3 Baptisms, 1 family joining the church, and Hailee singing Wake Up America by Miley Cyrus. At both services we celebrated communion.

The Maundy Thursday Last Supper proved to be quite intimate with everyone feeling they themselves were at table with Jesus, singing O How He Loved You and Me.

We included in our Good Friday bulletin Redemption's Drama, by Greg Asimakoupoulos and read the Biblical drama of Jesus' trial and crucifixion.

The Easter Sunday sunrise service was inside the church. We based the lesson on a children's puzzle that put the events of holy week together in the shape of the cross. It was kinda cool. Then we ate breakfast. The men had prepared it. Sausage and bisquits and/or sausage and eggs.

Easter Worship services were jam-packed. Oh my gosh, what fun to see so many families together in worship. I do believe that the old axiom "The family that prays together stays together" has some truth to it. Again the Humeston choir was able to lift our spirits heavenward, and then when Hailee sang once again ... so powerful. She hushed the congregation as she sang LeAnn Rimes version of Amazing Grace.

I think God was truly Glorified this year. And we were changed. All praise to God for showering us with blessing upon Easter blessing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

# 55 - Put "feet" in Your Prayer

This is a say yes type of prayer. Prayer means saying yes to life, saying yes to growing in faith, and saying yes to being a disciple. Recall a few things you have prayed for recently, and then ask God to show you how to put “feet” in those prayers. Let your prayers call you to do something. Don’t just think or say a prayer. Open yourself for God to possibly use you as a part of the answer to those prayers.