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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sudanese Became the Boilers for the Cottage Grove Avenue Church

The Presbyterians have a church, Cottage Grove Avenue Presbyterian Church, in Des Moines, that ministers to the immigrant Sudanese as well as to the needs of the inner city poor. In November their boiler conked out. Not having anything near the $80,000 needed to replace it they were fearful for the people whom they serve in Jesus’ name.

The Des Moines Sudanese community held a special overnight prayer and worship service on November 14, 2009, that lasted until 6 a.m. to help! It was a cold night in a cold church. Here is their report.

Two individuals stood very firm ‘til the daybreak on the November 15. A 5-year-old drummer was the hero of the night, along with a 75-year-old man who did not feel cold enough to go home. They heated up the night.

The large group of 200 people, prayed to God to keep the U.S. as they found it and forgive them if God is judging the U.S. because they came here. Why is it that everywhere they go God seems to punish them? Even with the economic hardships that many people are facing but affect them more than any one as they think.

The prayer would be like this
“Almighty God, forgive our
sins and those of our ancestors, if
that is why you are punishing the blessed
America. Please do not hurt these
innocent people because of our
sins. You are a God of forgiveness
and do not be so sad because we
have come here to worship you
without persecution. That was the
reason why we came and you
brought us and the American People
kindly accepted us. Do you want to
punish them because of us now
God? Please listen to our prayer.

During the overnight they also prayed for peace in the world, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. They fear war will start again in Sudan during the upcoming election and also in the time of referendum scheduled in 2011. It was wonderful night. God bless you

– Rev. Goanar Chol is the Sudanese Ministries Resource Person.

Monday, January 4, 2010

# 88 - Star-gazing Prayer

Are you feeling small and seemingly insignificant in this vast universe? Pray like the Magi – galactic and expectant. Look out across the galaxies in wonder. And wait. God will show you how special, powerful, and specific his love can be. The Magi were given a star to guide them. On a dark night, turn the eyes of your heart heavenward and share with God your biggest challenges. In that context, God will guide you, too. God will grant you the peace that he is big enough to care for you! You are not insignificant but truly beloved of God.
Adapted from, 21 Ways to Pray.