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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feel the Spirit

Feel the Spirit – Experience the Fruits
Gosh the church is growing. And our ministries are expanding

How much would a little more spiritual fellowship please your soul?

In what ways is God speaking to you? How are you experiencing that call, that need, that nudge to grow closer to God in praise and service?

Where do you think your personal discipleship might make a difference?

Tech/Worship Ministry
The Humeston Church is looking for a few people (all ages, high school and up) who can visualize themselves working the sound and projection booth on Sunday mornings as a part of their personal ministry.

We pretty much need 2 people every Sunday, maybe 3 once we get around to capturing the service on video. But we’ll have to have more than 2 or 3 people trained and available, in order to allow the regular operators some Sundays off to spend out of the booth, either just in the pews with friends and family, or doing something else on Sunday morning.

If you would recommend someone for this ministry, or if you yourself would like to be a part of it, please get in touch with Pastor Dale. We could sure use your help.

Other Ministries
More families with children are coming to church now. If the ministry of Children’s Church appeals to you, we could use extra helpers there too.

In the Fall we will be adding Sunday School classes and of course there will be openings for those of you interested in the teaching ministry.

Through the summer some in our church family will be exploring a) doing ministry as a family, b) making a difference with hands-on local mission, c) men’s work weekends, d) creative prayer ministries, e) a small group ministry, and f) maybe a young adult fellowship. We probably can’t do it all, but are open to your interests and the Spirit’s leading.

We are the church. Together in prayer and ministry.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Difference

If ... God doesn’t make mistakes

Then ... everything God makes is perfect, amazing, beautiful, praiseworthy, and holy.

I know a lot of people who are really down on themselves. That’s Sad.
I know a lot of people who are really down on others. That’s Bad.
Today it is customary to build oneself up by pointing out fault in others.

There are two very different uses for the word “fault.”
The 1st meaning is “a defect or imperfection; a flaw.”
The 2nd meaning is “responsibility for failure or a wrongful act, a misdeed or transgression.”

In the simplest language, then, a “fault” is either something wrongfully done for which one is responsible (meaning #2), or something fundamentally wrong with a person, period (meaning #1).

People who are really down on themselves are inclined to believe that they are defective, that they are a mistake. They are not. But it is SAD that they feel that way.

People who are really down on others are inclined to communicate that there is something defective about them, that they are flawed. They are not. But it is BAD that they are treated as throw-away mistakes, not made by God.

The Challenge ... (a very old one at that) is to both be able to receive criticism and give criticism on the level of meaning #2 without attacking or feeling attacked on the level of meaning #1.

Meaning #1
“Fault” has a sibling named “Shame.” They are the henchmen of the Devil convincing the world (and doing a pretty good job of it right now) that God made mistakes everywhere. Perhaps they have also convinced you of your unworthiness (which of course is a lie)

Look at yourself. Look at others. And say, “God made me/God made you. No defect, no flaw. There is nothing in me or you, in and of ourselves, to be ashamed of. I am/you are not a mistake.”

Meaning #2
So, if God didn’t make mistakes, where do mistakes come from? Mistakes don’t come from God. They come from God’s human creations (perfect in their being) who do imperfect things.

“Blame” and “Guilt” are also siblings. But they are the servants of God. Their job is to address the horrors of human behavior while yet preserving the splendor of created worth. “Guilt” and “Blame” focus on the wrong. They assign responsibility, encourage repentance and restitution, and assist those wishing to do so to adjust their behavior to better reflect their created splendor.

The Difference ... it’s yours to make.

Find, love, and affirm the admirable, the God-perfection, in everyone (meaning #1)

Where there is wrong, address it with vigor, but as one who is also wrong, for only God is perfect (meaning #2)