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Monday, May 19, 2008

#17 to #20 – The ACTS Prayer

This week we draw 4 elements of prayer into an all-embracing model prayer.

The A C T S Prayer

A doration, C onfession, T hanksgiving, S upplication.

Lots of times we pray from the heart out of compassion or need. But in creating us, God gave us thought as well as feeling. No surprise then that our thoughts can enrich our prayers. One great tool for organizing our feelings into a well rounded prayer is The A C T S prayer.

A- stands for Adoration. Do you adore God and God’s creation? Tell God so.
C- stands for Confession. Can you acknowledge that God is God and you are not? Do so.
T- stands for Thanksgiving. All that is, all you have, is gift from God. Thank God.
S- stands for Supplication (asking, pleading). Are you needing God today? Ask and God will answer.

If you will take the time and give some thought you'll soon be praying like a preacher. Begin with Adoration. Do a thorough job on that part. Paint a huge and wonderful picture of God with your brush of Praise, and all the rest will flow quite naturally and wonderfully.

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