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Thursday, August 20, 2009

# 70 P.S. Prayer

We are looking at post script prayers today. Have you ever come to the end of a prayer, said “Amen,” and only then remember something you had planned to pray about? Is it ok to just go ahead and add that thought, or do you have to start over with a “proper” beginning to an altogether new prayer? Friends, just pray. Don’t worry about beginnings and endings. Any prayer, every prayer is appropriate so long as you remember that you are not all-knowing and that God is. Actually, in my experience, my p.s. prayers (or tack-on, or after thought) prayers generally prove to be way more honest and sincere than my “real” prayers. My p.s. prayers just seem to pop into my consciousness, more raw and real than my more thoughtful prayers. P.S. prayers are fine. Cultivate the practice.

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Rev. Suzanne Gorhau said...

When I was at my church in Decatur, Illinois, Jane, Debbie and I would get together every week to pray in the chapel. It was quite informal, conversational prayer with God (although we had an order of who would pray first, second, and third).

Quite frequently we would remember something and pray, "Oh, and I forgot to mention..."