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Monday, October 26, 2009

# 78 - Hitchin' Post Prayer

Dr. Floyd C. Enfinger shares this prayer lesson which his Papa taught him. Back when, before automobiles, you tied your horse to a hitchin’ post when you went to town.
Picking a sturdy one was important. “In our prayer and devotional life, Papa stressed the importance of tying our lives to something eternal.” (p. 25, My Papa Told Me …) Quite often during our evening devotion he would invite the whole family to go out onto the porch, gaze far into the Milky Way, watch the evening star, stare at the moon. After gazing at the Heavens, he would say, “Now that we have seen something bigger than ourselves, let us go inside and pray, and then go to bed.” The Hitchin’ Post prayer is a confident prayer rooted in the vast, eternal majesty of God. Look to the heavens at bedtime. Thanks to Dwight Joy for loaning me the book.

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