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Monday, May 24, 2010

# 99 - Prayer Boots

Loretta Ross ( is truly a spiritual leader. Her denomination has endorsed her and her spiritual retreat ministry as being truly called of God. She tells of the early years of trying to discern her call, knowing that she had to be with God, alone with God, in that piece of God’s holy creation that would one day become her retreat center. One day per week, all day, she would walk the land and talk with God. On muddy days she would wear a pair of old rubber “farmer boots.” In time, those boots became her Prayer Boots which she wore regardless of the weather. Well worn now and set aside in an honored place those Prayer Boots remind her of the wonderful intimacy and intense distress that, way back when, shaped her ministry today. Prayer Boots. Would a pair of your own help get you outdoors and in closer communion with God?

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