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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


1 hotel-size bar of soap (1 oz. and up)
1 pair of clean latex gloves
1 square yard of clear 4-mil plastic sheeting
3 pieces of clean string, each 12’ long
1 clean single use razor blade (carefully wrap the blade in paper or plastic for protection)
2 flannelette receiving blankets, each 1 square yard
Place these items inside a sealed one-gallon plastic bag. (Value $8 plus $2 shipping)

HEALTH KITS help disaster victims reclaim their dignity and self-respect and are used as teaching tools with children. When people can maintain personal hygiene, their overall health improves. Add $1 for toothpaste to be purchased by the UMCOR Depot.
• 1 new hand towel (15” x 25” up to 17” x 27”)
• 1 new washcloth
• 1 bath sized bar of soap in wrapper (3 oz. or larger)
• 6 band aids (3/4”)
• 1 large, sturdy comb (not pocket sized)
• 1 new toothbrush in original sealed wrapper (no child-sized)
• 1 nail file or fingernail clipper (no emery boards or toenail clippers)
Fold the towel and washcloth and lay the other items on top. Place in a Ziploc bag.
(Value $12 plus $2 shipping)

SEWING KITS foster independence rather than dependence. Cottage industries often grow out of sewing classes where these kits are used to practice skills.
• 3 yards cotton or cotton-blend fabric (one piece)
• 1 sewing scissors
• 1 new spool matching thread
• 5-8 matching flat buttons
• 1 package hand sewing needles
Fold fabric and lay other items on top. Seal in Ziploc bag. (Value $18 plus $2 shipping)

SCHOOL KITS provide tools for education, which changes lives. In countries where children don't have books, school supplies or classrooms, a school kit may be their only educational resource.
• 3 Notebooks, approx. 8 ½ x 11 wide ruled
• 1 2 1/2” eraser
(210 to 250 sheets total) spiral or bound
• 1 blunt scissors
• 1 30 cm metric ruler
• 1 hand pencil sharpener
• 1 box of 24 crayons (ONLY 24)
• 6 unsharpened pencils with erasers
All items are placed in a sturdy cloth bag, 14” x 16” (finished size) with 22” handles. Do not put any of the
items in Ziploc bags. (Value $11 plus $2 shipping)
Empty school bags are also needed and are valued at $3 each.

LAYETTE KITS provide women with basic supplies for the needs of their new babies.
• 6 cloth diapers
• 2 shirts or 2 one-piece body suits (Onesies)
• 2 gowns or sleepers
• 2 baby washcloths
• 2 diaper pins
• 1 sweater or jacket open in the front
• 2 receiving blankets
Bundle items inside one of the blankets and secure with diaper pins. (Value $35 plus $2 shipping)

Baby sweaters or jackets may be sent and are valued at $6 each. Patterns for a knitted baby sweater or for
a sewn jacket are available from the district representatives.
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