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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thoughts for Men

Got Family? Got Dreams? Got Problems?

There are two keys that will help you grow spiritually. These are very simple concepts.

1. You must invest in yourself. Simple right! Listen fellas, you have to be willing to invest your time, effort and money on your soul. To think a life and especially a spiritual life can be built without these elements is foolish.

Invest your money in things that strengthen your spiritual life. Buy a Bible. Give to the poor, your church, or your favorite Christian ministry. Your heart will follow your money for sure. Putting God first will not only help your soul. It will help you get yourself to a better financial point in your life.

Invest your time. Being isolated, especially from God, is a tough way to go. Attending worship, or meeting for study and service is certainly a worthwhile spiritual investment. We are all isolated in a sense. It is vital to stay connected. To stay inspired and motivated to grow you gotta stay in the loop with God

Invest your effort. This is the hardest of the three. Effort takes energy. But God’s spiritual energy can lighten your burdens. Prayer is an effort sometimes. Kindness, forgiveness, patience, and friendship all require effort. But such effort builds Christian character and produces Christian maturity. The investment brings great reward.

Are you tending to your soul?

2. You must put yourself in a growth environment. Surround yourself with a team of fellow seekers and you’ll never walk alone. Their understanding support and gentle encouragement will help you succeed. Teamwork wins.

Become a leader. Step up in your family or on your team and create an environment conducive to your spiritual growth. Come early to worship. Claim a ministry in the church or community. Organize a home prayer or Bible study. Travel together online or in person to inspirational places. Make sure every team member has access to these events and participates.

Focus on the fundamentals. Everything has certain steps or fundamentals that are essential for growth or to make something better. The fundamentals of spiritual growth are ancient, proven and powerful. Review and practice the basics with your team always.

Do you have a growth environment to connect to? Are you connecting on a regular basis?

I have yet to meet anyone who has built a successful spiritual life by ignoring these two basics. 1. Tend to your soul. 2. Travel together.

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