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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The "Family" Time of Year

The "Family" Time of Year

In the church "Family Time" starts early this year.

Family photos for the church directory
Have you scheduled your photography yet?
Thur & Sat afternoons available Oct. 20-22
It's free. And we want everyone to be in it.

Family gifts to keep the church open and vital
How much does the church mean to your family?
Promise Sunday is Oct 23. Promise cards available then.
It's fair. And we want everyone to help.

Family Ingathering Kits to help with disaster relief
Have you decided which kits your family will bring?
Kits will be piled at the altar Sun Oct. 30 and dedicated.
It's fun. And we want everyone to be blessed.

Together we are the "Family" of God

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