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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lessons for Lent - #1 - RELATIONSHIPS

The Problem
Are you walking with God? wanting to draw closer to God? There are many ways in which the relationships in our lives interfere with our spiritual development.

Have people in your life blocked this passage? How do you find strength to move past them? How do you align yourself with others who will not block you and will encourage you to reach your spiritual goal?

Sometimes married couples get in the way of one another’s relationship with Christ. Parents can get in the way of their children, especially if they are skeptical of the church and religion. Friends who don’t go to church can encourage us to use our time differently, ultimately getting in the way of the most important friendship of all – with Christ. Perhaps colleagues would rather see us work all the time rather than taking time for devotion and worship. The list could go on.

The Solution
Three key relationships, spiritual ones, are necessary for spiritual growth. Everyone needs a) a faith friend, b) a faith coach, or role model, and c) someone to mentor or tutor in the faith. Find these 3 people in you life. Make intentional commitments with them. Be accountable.

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