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Monday, February 11, 2008

#5 and #6 -- Ways to Pray

#5 - APOLOGIZE. In building good relationships with loved ones, being able to say I'm Sorry is so important. Saying I'm Sorry is absolutely the best way to begin a conversation with a Perfect and Forgiving God who knows us through and through.

#6 - FORGIVE. We pray the prayer of Sorrow or Apology. God Forgives and welcomes us in love. What next? You are correct, of course, we offer a prayer asking God to help us forgive others as we have just been forgiven.

Apologize. Forgive. Relationships with God and others will grow and become for us a sustaining source of Life.

Every day ask: To which loved one do I need to say I'm Sorry?
Every day ask: Who do I need to forgive?

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