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Monday, February 18, 2008

Led by a Child

We baptized 8 year old Logan here in his grandparents’s church a few weeks ago. He is so excited about Jesus!

His grandparents gave him a Bible as a Baptism gift. When Logan got it home he asked his parents to read it with him. They opened to page 1, Genesis. But Logan, remembering the pastors comment that when you read the Bible you can start anythere, responded that he wanted to read John because that was what the preacher had been talking about. He totally surprised his folks about how much he remembered from the sermon.

The Sundays when Logan was here were the Sundays we were introducing our 100 Ways to Pray project, which Logan also got excited about. So now, Logan wants his grandparents to send him the weekly bulletin so he can learn what is the next way to pray.

Will you follow Logan’s lead?
Will you read John each night, reflecting on what the preacher said?
Will you seriously practice the Ways to Pray and allow them to bring peace to your soul and harmony to all your relationships?
Are you willing to be led by a child?

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