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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Warmth

Warm is good. I like being warm. No matter the temperature, indoors or out, I really like warm. Especially at Christmas.

Stars in the clear sky, smoky and toasty warm by the roaring log fire. I like that kind of warm.

I like the warmth in the kitchen when the cookies are baking and the turkey is roasting. The heat of the oven, what a wonderful warmth.

Snug as a bug in a rug, bundled in a blanket by the fireplace, reading cards and letters, enjoying the warmth of long friendships, memories shared, and stories re-told. Ahh!

It warms my heart to give. And even more to stand in solidarity with one in need, the warmth of doing right, taking time without counting the cost.

How pleasant the warming touch of re-kindled love, walking, talking, lying together. And the ambient warmth of candles aglow. Beautiful.

But deeper still and most comforting of all is Christmas warmth, the warming peace of the soul’s first humble visit to Bethlehem’s manger, there to find the infant King, and embrace for one’s self God’s perfect love.

Have you known that warmth, that Christmas warmth? If so, remember and revisit that perfect moment.

If not, kneel as a shepherd, humble and unworthy, and pray, asking God to satisfy your curious mind and yearning heart with belief in the soul-warming miracle of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem’s manger.

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