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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Days After Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful beginning to the days that follow.

As boys, my brother and I enjoyed the days after Christmas even more that the day itself. No school. Plus new toys, sleds, bikes, ball gloves, trains and more.

We played in our room, around the house, indoors and out, and with cousins and friends at their houses.

The days after Christmas were the best. And they still are.

After Christmas, since there is not much shopping to do, I have time to spend with the people for whom I made or bought those gifts.

After Christmas when the programs are over and the costumes stored away for another year I have time to think about the meaning of the pageant, how it moved me, and maybe touched the children and their parents.

I love it when my house is decorated for Christmas. After Christmas I can see beyone the decorations to the true beauty of my home, a home where Christ is welcome and love is evident.

After Christmas I tally up its full cost. It’s a happy cost, even though it usually turns out to be more than I planned. And that’s when I think about how much Christmas cost God. I think for God it also was a happy cost, giving such a priceless gift as he did and then seeing the joy in the hearts of countless believers throughout the ages and across the globe who received the gift.

Christmas is beautiful.
The Days after Christmas are precious and forever.

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