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Monday, November 2, 2009

# 79 - The Always Prayer

An important word to remember in prayer is the word “always.” “Always” means eternal. God has always existed and always will. God is glorified when we acknowledge God’s eternal qualities. So begin each prayer petition with an “always” statement. Here’s an example. Start with, “God you are always present, even when we feel abandoned…” Then mention your prayer concern, “My friend has isolated himself from everyone right now, but you are there. Break through his shell. Let him feel your touch.” We can apply the word “always” to every one of the characteristics of God. Here are a few of those characteristics. God is always powerful, always knowing, always fair, always holy, always truthful, always patient. Can you think of other parts of God’s “always” character that are not on this list? Make your own list. But most of all, call on the colorful characteristics of God to help you shape your prayers as you talk to God each day. “Always” prayers are powerful prayers.

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