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Monday, December 14, 2009

# 85 - Letters To God

Conscientious Christians grow. Some grow slowly and steadily, some in fits and spurts. Trouble is, not recognizing their gradual spiritual growth many become discouraged. Writing letters to God is a good way to pray, and re-reading them later on is an encouraging way to track the presence of God in your life and your spiritual growth. How re-assuring, during those times when it is hard to pray, to turn to your own written prayers from the past and experience the ministry of your very own words in prayer. How wonderfully affirming it can be to connect with the faith of your spiritual past. Start today writing letters to God. Write often, or just once in a while. Send the prayers off to the Lord in the spirit, but save the pages on which those prayers were written as an encouraging blessing to yourself when the days turn dark.

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