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Monday, March 15, 2010

# 90 - Lean into Jesus Prayer

Leaning into another. It’s what we do when having a picture taken, when frightened at a movie, when feeling close in love, and when weeping in heartache. Practice leaning into Jesus in times of grief and sorrow and find assurance there. Jesus faced grief in a spiritually and emotionally healthy way. He wept – over the spiritual death of Jerusalem. He cried – at the tomb of his friend Lazarus. He agonized – as he faced his own impending death. And still, in his grief, he focused on his Heavenly Father, on his Father’s love, and on his Father’s purpose. He leaned into his Father’s strength, wisdom and love. He grieved while keeping his focus. Learn from Jesus. Lean into him, into his understanding heart, his strong love, his life-giving embrace. Words are not necessary, sobs and sighs are welcome. Lean into Jesus, weary one, lean into Jesus.

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