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Monday, April 12, 2010

# 93 - Disney Prayer

Like the statues of the saints, Disney characters each represent a certain human trait or quality. You know people with all of these qualities. So you can easily pray your favorite Disney characters. Take, for example, the 7 Dwarfs. Using them as your guide to prayer you might pray for people you know who lead (Doc), who disapprove (Grumpy), who bring laughter (Happy), who are clumsy (Dopey), who are tired and un-motivated (Sleepy), who have allergies (Sneezy), who are shy and retiring (Bashful). In God’s kingdom there is a place and a purpose for everyone, just as in Walt Disney’s animated universe. When you finish your prayer, thank God for all the characters in your life, as well as for your own precious traits and qualities.

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