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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Way to Pray (1 of 100)

We began 100 Ways to Pray this week. Prayer can be so easily a family thing. I hope that many of you will take this opportunity to enjoy praying together and with your children.

Obviously, the
Lord’s Prayer
is first. For several of us the goal is to quickly repeat the Lord’s Prayer 5 times in a row, and to do so at least 5 times per day for the week. This prayer idea really struck a cord with the congregations because so many joined in. It really has created a lot of energy and excitement.

Surprisingly, many long-time Christians found themselves losing their place or forgetting parts of the prayer on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time through. Everyone was relieved when they learned how many friends that was happening to.

The challenge is to let this powerful prayer minister to our souls without engaging our thought process. It’s like a professional basketball player shooting foul shots. He (or she) has to do it over and over until it becomes so automatic that s/he can do it totally without thinking -- mechanically. If we are going to become great prayer warriors we’ve got to get beyond thinking prayers to the place where prayer for us is pure instinct and an automatic, constant, and dependable response of our soul.

If you are not at the place where you are wanting to becoming a prayer warrior and just want to think about the Lord's Prayer, here's a place to start.

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