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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Parents to the Plate

Lots of parents, Dads especially, struggle with being the family’s spiritual leader. Not knowing how keeps many from trying. If you are like me you don’t want to look stupid, especially in front of the wife or kids. So, just don’t go there, right? I think it’s the ego thing.

But parents, the scary reality is: whether intentional or unintentional you actually do set a spiritual standard for the whole household every day. A good one or a bad one.

Do you guide your children to recognize and honor the Holy?
Do you assure them that God Cares, and share your Hopes with them?
Do you show them how to Live, and model Godly Values?
Do you fill them with Self-Worth, encourage Grace and Generosity?
Do you teach them to Repent and seek Forgiveness?
Do you make a Place for them, so they know they Belong?
Do you give them Work in which to find Joy and Meaning?

Each of these questions addresses a basic spiritual need.

Are you struggling with your spiritual leadership? If so, just figure out something you (or you and your spouse together) can do so that you can answer each of these questions with a Yes. Then guess what, mister Spiritual Leader. Problem solved.

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