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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

#10 - Pray with Resolve

In God’s economy some prayers will be answered only if the person offering the prayer is willing to become a part of the answer. Have you resolved to invest yourself in the answer to your prayers?

God is always there to help. But if you are unwilling to take the time, spend the money, change your ways, or risk your reputation to do your part in helping God help you, your prayer may be in vain.

For example, you pray for God to help you get along with someone. OK, but what if God's answer to that prayer is for you to change your attitude. Will you do it?

Or, you pray for someone to get well. OK, but what if God's healing is meant to come through the touch of a prayful loved one? How far and how quickly, would you be willing to go to pray with that person? 10 miles? 100, 1000 miles?

As we enter Holy Week celebrating Jesus resolve to complete his Father's will, we can find strength to do the right spiritual thing ourselves. Pray, and give yourself in prayer.

In Jesus we have the extreme example of how a person can become part of the answer to their prayer. There are other examples. Surely you can think of one. Pray with resolve and may all your prayers be answered.

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