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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Holy Week A+ Report Card

Busy! Wonderful! Holy and blessed! What more can be said about Easter at the church and the week before.

A+ The choir sang like angels. The song? It was one of my favorite Michael W. Smith songs, Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord. I Want to See You. Awesome lyrics and cool ringtone.

A+ The youth led the Sunrise Service around the theme Celebrate. They seemed so comfortable leading. And they did a really great job. Next Sunday night they begin a 6-week preparation for church membership. Lord I Lift Your Name on High.

A+ After Sunrise Service the men's breakfast was a real plate full.
Where do they get that wonderful sausage, anyway? Has to be Humeston's own Front St. Market.
And, How many men does it take to cook a breakfast? I'd say 15 at least.

We had Holy Week services on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, too.

A+ On Holy Thursday we remembered Jesus having his last meal with his friends before he died on the cross. We wondered what would have been in his Last Will and Testament. Then we celebrated communion (bread and grape juice and Jesus' words of rembrance).

A+ On Good Friday evening we solemnly remembered the day Jesus died. Several men and one woman each read a paragraph about what some of the witnesses to the death might have been thinking.
The theme was that most of them were just going along with things in order to get along and not get put to death themselves for challenging the authorities.
Is Going Along to Get Along a sin? Is that what killed Jesus?

My favorite Easter song is He Lives, because I do see him in my life almost every day. I mean, like, he's always there. I just only see him some of the time. Even so, I know He Lives. And I hope you do too.

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