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Monday, March 10, 2008

#9 - Conversational Prayer

The Bible teaches us that the Word of God, Jesus, became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus was a real person….is a real person. Just talk with him. Take your time. Enjoy the conversation, talking and listening, complaining and laughing.

No matter what the relationship -- at work, at home, even with friends – I’m always posturing. It’s hard not to. Who’s going to look out for me if I don’t? I find that my opinions, my needs, my ideas and my agendas are always on my mind and coming out of my mouth. And that makes it hard for me to tune in to someone else’s world and hear what they are saying. Oh, I hear their words alright. But I miss all that’s behind the words, and sometimes that’s a lot!

It’s like I’m there in the room hearing, but not actually listening.

A good conversation is one where the people listen to each other, respond and engage. A poor conversation is where the people just fill their time together taking turns talking, or worse, with only one person doing all the talking.

Prayer should be a good conversation.

Come to prayer ready to listen and hear what Jesus has to say. By keeping your opinions, needs, ideas and agendas to a minimum, you, like the great saints of the church, will enjoy the peace and discover the power of true prayer. Next time you pray, have a good conversation.

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