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Monday, April 28, 2008

#15 – Prayer Walking

This form of prayer is ancient. It can be either a listening prayer (God talking) or a speaking prayer (you talking).

Walk slowly around your room or garden, hands behind your back, or folded in prayer mode at your chin, or turned open to the sky. Contemplate. Listen for God in every breath, every step.

Or, walk a designed path like a labyrinth or layout your own path. Stop at times along the way to pray. Pray by the tree for shade, by the pond for refreshment, by the store for sustenance, etc.

Or, walk tall in the Lord around your neighborhood, your courthouse, your school, your workplace praying for friends and strangers whose needs come to mind as you walk.

1 comment:

United Trinity Parish said...

Since posting this item I visited the tornado struck parts of Kansas City. Many people were walking. I went prayer walking, feeling their pain and loss, confusion and shock. And lifting their needs up to the Lord. I hope it helped. I know it did.