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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sit and Smile - Way to Pray #13

My sister, Judy, tells of a friend on a spiritual pilgrimage to find peace in her soul. The friend tried several forms of prayer and meditation. Unsatisfied, she happened upon an Eastern mystic who told her she was trying too hard. His advice: Sit and Smile. My sister’s friend found spiritual peace. The smiling is the hard part, I think, especially if the upward turn of the lips truly reflects actual delight in one's heart.

The world is so rough. Yet, how natural it should be for sheep in Jesus' flock who know the Shepherd's voice to Sit and Smile and be filled to overflowing.



Go ahead. Do it.

Turn up the corners of your mouth.

Take a deep, relaxing breath. And smile from the inside out.

Now, that's a prayer.

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