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Monday, February 2, 2009

# 47 - Touch Prayer

Everyone you know, no matter how “together” their life seems to be, needs God’s touch. The Touch Prayer is when in prayer you gently rest your hands on another’s hand, back, or shoulder, and prayerfully let the Spirit of God flow through you to them. Breathe deeply and slowly. The other person doesn’t have to know at all what you are doing. Just touch, be still and pray, and imagine God ministering to their deepest need. The Touch Prayer is a prayer you can feel. You can feel the warmth, the spiritual energy, even the wholeness (or shalom) of God as you share the powerful presence of God in those silent extended moments of grace. They can feel it too, but may never tell you so. The Touch Prayer is a selfless prayer, a prayer you can only give away. Bless someone you love with it and watch your relationship grow—you and them and God.

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