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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

# 50 - Trouble Tree Prayer

The “trouble tree” provides a visual focus for a family’s intercessory prayer during Lent. It’s simple; just a bare tree branch in a container filled with plaster or sand kept near the kitchen table. Near it keep a supply of long, thin strips of paper on which to write the names of people who are looking for work, fighting sickness, facing tests, our undergoing other challenges. Anyone can add petitions for all to pray. And daily prayer beside the tree can draw the family together. Begin with the Sign of the Cross (see “Ways to Pray #44”), mention a few petitions, and end with this short prayer, Jesus, we know you came to love us, to forgive us and to make us new. We give you all of our troubles, large and small. Help us as we walk with you now on your way to the cross. Amen.

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