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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jesus Gives Us Power

Jesus Gives Us Power was the theme of the Power Lab VBS material we used in our Mission Outreach Vacation Bible School in Garden Grove last week.

We experienced God's POWER in many ways.

The Power of SHARING. What an awesome power this is. Last year Trinity Christian Church in Decatur shared their Power Lab material and props with LeRoy Presbyterian Church. This year LeRoy Presbyterian Church shared the same materials with our mission outreach in Garden Grove. When the Decatur church heard of this they shared even more, giving our outreach project enough craft projects for 30 kids for 3 nights. The kids loved them and got the message that not only God, but other Christians love them also.

The Power of COMMUNITY. Wow! the Garden Grove Community Club, the kids and their families, and helpers from nearby churches all came together to create the family of Christ on those 5 nights.

The Power of GIVING. The kids excitement for our mission project grew every night. Their offering was going to build a Shallow Well in Malawi through Marion Medical Mission. Every night the kids brought pockets full of coins, and the Community Club helpers brought also to share with those who had no coins. 9 families, 15 kids. And we gathered $110 toward the $350 needed for a well. The kids were mesmerized by the video clips of a well being built, and drawn in by the "Thank You Jesus" song we played each night from the end of the DVD. It seemed to really touch their soul. On the last night the kids all had an African shirt to wear during the program.

The Power of PRAISE. The kids really got into the songs, especially the old favorite re-done, Power In the Blood.

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