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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Owen's Gift

On Sunday, Pastor Dale told a story from his vacation to Branson. It was about Owen, one of the 6 Knudsen brothers who perform in Branson as the group called SIX. The brothers sing. But they do so without any instrumental background, choosing instead to make the many instrumental and percussion sounds themselves, hissing, blowing, popping, whining into the mic.

The key to it working so wonderfully is Owen's talent as a vocal percussionist. Pastor asked us to imagine how many times as a child Owen's "gift" might have been perceived as something other than a talent, an annoyance perhaps and cause for discipline. Probably a lot. But now, his "gift" is the very foundation of SIX.

The lessons, of course, are simple. 1. Everyone has a gift, and 2. we must invite and welcome the gifts others are willing to offer for the good of the whole. St. Paul makes the same argument in writing to the Corinthians (chapter 12, first letter).

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