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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas is His Story

Christmas Stories. What would Christmas be without them? Friendly and busy for sure, tiring, dull and shallow perhaps. The real meaning of Christmas is to be found in the stories, isn’t it?

Would there even be Christmas without the Bible story? I don’t think so. Amazingly the Birth of Jesus is a true story. It’s a story that God had promised the descendents of King David for 1000 years. It is the center of God’s story.

Like an hour glass in time, the Birth of Jesus is one historical moment, drawing through it the seeds of God’s presence, sown among the Hebrews for years, and transforming them with the message of God’s saving love for all the world from that time forth. It happened. In Bethlehem. In a manger. As a baby. Blessed story.

I remember hearing that story. I remember learning it, telling it, singing it. I remember feeling blessed at midnight service. I remember feeling the passion as I watched the Christmas story portrayed by children in a church in Ghana. I remember communion on Christmas morning. Blessed story.

I remember the year Mom had chicken pox at Christmas time. She got a baking soda bath for Christmas. lol. I remember Santa coming, the Lionel train running circles under the tree. As a parent I remember treasured ornaments we and the children made, and sleds and bikes and a big doll house. Blessed stories. Blessed Christmas. Jesus lives. Praise God.

What would Christmas be without his story?

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