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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Glorify and enjoy God

How hard is that?
My friend Mike and I email back and forth. I asked him if he had had a good Thanksgiving. In his reply he tells of several family get-togethers over the weekend, the travel, the fun and the food. And then goes on to talk about enjoying God.
We also spent some time in prayer
and went to church
both Sunday morning and evening.
We enjoy going to church with my mom and brother,
their church always seems to be a blessing to us,
We can always use Gods blessings
and always seem to receive them when we are at mom’s church.
Here Mike is pointing out Three Ways to Enjoy God. First: we can enjoy God in prayer. Second: we can enjoy God in worship. Third: we can enjoy God in Christian fellowship.In the same email Mike talked about his struggles with his job and, in general, things not going well right now. Hey! Nothing new there. He’s describing just about everyone I know.

But not everyone I know would talk about lifting those concerns up in prayer and waiting on the Lord. Listen to Mike.
I spent Monday with my brother looking for a truck for his business. Deb had prayer time with my mother and one of her friends.
I realize at times that when things are going good I seem to try to stand on my own and not rely on God and then when I mess things up I am back asking for his help and through his grace he is always there to pick me back up again.
I needed that pick up this weekend and of course as you know he was there waiting for me to ask for his help. I have been stressing about my job situation, but am trying to make myself put it in his hands.
Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and I am not good at the waiting part of it.
Mike might not be good at the waiting part. But don’t you think that even in his impatience Mike is pretty good at the praying part, at glorifying God? I believe God will take care of Mike’s job situation, maybe even as a Christmas gift from heaven, and be glorified. How will you Glorify God this year?

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