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Monday, September 7, 2009

# 73 - Dedication Prayer

The purpose of the Dedication Prayer is to glorify God. From ancient times God’s people have dedicated to God’s glory their holy places – temples, churches and holy sites. The word ‘dedicated’ here means ‘holy’ or ‘set apart for.’ Since the Resurrection of Jesus the Christian church has dedicate the first day of the week to his glory. In some traditions Christian parents dedicate their children to the Lord. Others incorporate this into the Sacrament of Infant Baptism. That portion of one’s income dedicated to the Lord is called a tithe. Some Christians dedicate a portion of their day to prayer and fasting, or disciple-making, or visitation, or burden-bearing. And new believers, knowing that God is glorified when they give their lives to Jesus, are bold to dedicate themselves to him. Ask, “What all have I dedicated to God, set apart for God’s glory? How am I doing at keeping it pure and holy?” So many wonderful ministries for children, for the ill, and others around the world began with one grateful person dedicating all or part of his/her life to continue to others the blessings that had come to them. Use the Dedication Prayer whenever you are ready to seal or renew a commitment to glorify God.

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