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Monday, September 21, 2009

# 75 - Prayer Center

A prayer center is a place where one can experience the holy. You can establish your own prayer center by simply setting aside some small place in your life, and offering it to God as the place where you will meet often. For it to remain a holy place you will have to honor the space by first using it, and second, by using it only for holy purposes, for prayer. Such a place might be a special floor mat placed at the foot of your bed, a candle and evening chair next to a west-facing window, the passenger seat of your car in the parking lot, the stone at the end of the garden walk, a corner in the office lounge, a special towel you place on a bench in the locker room, a spot on a lamp post you touch while awaiting the bus, or just standing tip-toed at the window in your prison cell. We create holy places. God honors them. They are of our own making, but surprisingly, in times of need, they re-create and sustain us. Where is your prayer center?

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