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Monday, September 14, 2009

# 74 - Tuning Prayer

Just before the orchestra begins to play, the concert master rises, raises his violin, and draws his bow across the strings. Each member of the orchestra then tunes his or her instrument to the exact pitch of the concert master’s violin. Only then can the orchestra produce the most beautiful music possible. The well-rehearsed members of the orchestra know the music perfectly. Their instruments are of brilliant quality. But still they must tune together. And they must tune together every time if they hope to accomplish the will and purpose of both maestro and composer. Soloists do the same, tuning to the perfect pitch of pipe or tuning fork. We are the instruments of God, and as such, must constantly be tuned to God’s perfect pitch. We can only bring high praise and glory to God when we are attuned to God and in tune with all who would serve God. Tune your hearts to God by first listening and then adjusting the instrument of your life to the Master’s. This act of listening and adjusting is called prayer, the Tuning Prayer.

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