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Monday, September 28, 2009

# 76 - "Ought" Prayer

There are 2 kinds of “ought” prayers. First, “ought” is a curious word to use in the context of prayer, because “ought” generally carries the connotation of reprimand or judgment. You “ought” to pray can be taken to mean, “Don’t be negligent in your duty to pray.” Q. How can you pray when you feel or are challenged to pray for someone or about something you have little-, no-, or even dis-interest in? Ans. Admit to God where your heart truly is, and ask God’s help to cover your human limitations. Second, Jesus used the word “ought” in a positive, encouraging sense, teaching his disciples who did pray that “they ought always to pray and not lose heart,” inferring that the blessings of God are certain to those who, in faith, will persist. (Luke 18:1) Q. How do you pray a positive “ought” prayer? Ans. Reassure God of the certain commitment of your heart as, “You know my passion for (whatever).” Then ask three things: 1. for God to help you perfect the language of your prayer; 2. that you might recognize the answer already unfolding; and 3. that you might be so transformed as to become the very answer to your prayer.

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