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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Butterfly Circus

Apology: Sorry I haven't been blogging much.
Excuse: I spent the summer becoming comfortable with additional social networking tools. Had fun mastering Facebook and Twitter.

On Twitter I especially enjoy receiving messages every day from people whose thoughts and words inspire me. By my own choice I also receive 30-40 one sentence prayers everyday. What a blessing these twitterers are to me. Glad to share them with you if you ask.

On Facebook the other day one of my preacher friends, Natalie, posted a link to a short (20 min) film called The Butterfly Circus. Why I took the time to watch it I'll never know. But, oh my, was I ever glad I did.

In my book it tops all the amazing inspirational stuff out there. It's about HOPE. It's about COURAGE. It's about being an OVERCOMER. It's about VICTORY, dare I say victory in Jesus.

I see Jesus in the ringmaster of The Butterfly Circus, the Jesus who welcomes every person just as they are and transforms them into the glorious gift they were meant by God to be. The film is about how new life "commeth" and then "runneth over" touching others, lifting and healing.

The hero of the movie, Nick Vujicic, who plays the character Will, has lived an incredible life. His foundation offers help and hope to the physically challenged all over the world.

I hope you will take the time to watch this movie. Watch it together with a child, a partner, a friend. Then, when it is over, look into each other's eyes, relish the glow, and dream -- dream of the person God has meant each of you to be.

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